Notes from the Pastor Jeremiah



When my family is watching TV, often the tastes of the children and the parent aren’t the same.  So, one of the compromises we often settle on is a nature show about animals.  From the time I was young I’ve loved animals, and found the diversity of life incredible.  Humans and animals have always been closely tied, and the scriptures reflect that.

Throughout the bible in the old and new testaments animals, sometimes domestic, sometimes wild, help tell the story of what God is doing in our world.  Sometimes, aspects of life and faith are compared to animals.  Sometimes the animals themselves are central to the story, often under the inspiration of God.

For the month of August we are starting a new sermon series called simply, “The Animals.”  We will, together, look at how animals appear in scripture, and how they help reminds us of some of the aspects of God’s love for us shown to us through Jesus Christ.  So, let’s see what the animals of the bible have to say to us this month.

In Christ,
Pastor Jeremiah


The DeKalb School district will be returning to classes on Wednesday, August 18.  On the preceding Sunday, August 15th, we will be having a back-to-school blessing during our 9:00 AM worship service for students, and anyone employed by the schools.  We will have a small gift for everyone, and a prayer asking for a safe and wonderful year of education and friendship.  All students, teachers, and staff of all ages are invited to join us.  So spread the word and join us for Back-To-School Blessing Sunday.


                              Cluster Youth Group

The churches of our Hub Cluster, including Chana, Rochelle, Reynolds, Steward, and our own Malta, will be collaborating on a Youth Group, and a series of “Adventures.”

Starting September 19, and then twice a month we will be meeting for an outing each month and then for bible study, discussions, and community.

All Youth sixth grade and up are invited to join us, as we all learn more about faith in Jesus Christ, and have a lot of fun doing it!

If you’d like more information talk to
Pastor Jeremiah.

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Jeremiah