Notes from the Pastor Jeremiah



Years ago, when I was just out of seminary there was an online video that I and several other pastors (particularly pastors working with youth) watched, discussed, and enjoyed. The video was called The Chair and it was about the chair in the youth pastor’s office in a church. The chair where people sat to talk to the youth pastor. One of the parts of the video was a man coming in angry at the youth pastor. The man was angry because a young woman with her hair dyed blue had become part of the church praise band, and he didn’t think it was right. The man in the video had ideas about what a follower of Jesus was supposed to look like, but he wasn’t thinking about what’s inside the heart that makes someone a disciple of Jesus. Our church during Lent at Adult Sunday School (though youth middle and HS aged are invited to join the discussion), will be looking at a new book by Rev. Adam Hamilton about the Gospel of Luke entitled: Luke, Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcasts, and Outlaws. We will be meeting in the church basement from 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. starting on Sunday February 26 to April 2nd . This study focuses on how Jesus’ ministry came for everyone, not just the people considered “respectable” and “of good families” of his time. But truly everyone. Jesus ministered to people with illnesses, people who other’s judged, people who were poor, people who were convicted criminals, everyone!!! As we look at the example of our Teacher and Savior, Jesus, we will be invited to consider how we can be in a loving relationship with more people in our society, not just the people we think are like us. But truly everyone. For truly everyone is God’s child, whom Jesus came to love, and teaches us to love. Lent is always a time of reflection and invitation to grow in faith. These weeks before Easter can be a period when God speaks to us in powerful ways and when the Holy Spirit can point us in new directions to become closer to God and to share God’s love with others. Join us for this book and video study as we seek to hear what God has to say to us through the Gospel of Luke this lent. Blessings and Peace, Pastor Jeremiah