Notes from the Pastor Jeremiah



The autumn is always a busy time of year. My kids are in school, we have more activities at church, there is the yearly Church conference, there are family birthdays, getting ready for the holidays, the yearly enrollment in health insurance, and more. I often find myself flustered and stressed. Yet this is also my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather, the satisfaction of bringing in the produce in from the garden, the beautiful leaves of so many wonderful hues. This is the season for warm apple cider, campfire cooked sausages, and snuggling under a cozy blanket at night. When I am in the midst of stress, I sometimes miss the good things around me, particularly the beauty of nature. But so many other things as well, some of them connected to fall some of them that are year-round. I seek to intentionally not overlook these things and try to be aware of them. For instance, as I wrote this I paused when I saw the orange of the sunset playing on the golden leaves of my neighbors’ young maple tree, and I rested for a moment enjoying the beauty. I don’t know if this is a hectic time for you (though for the farmers I know you are busy!) but may we all be open to God’s call to take a breath in the midst of the stress of life whenever we are in a busy season of life. God did not make us to survive, but rather thrive. I pray for each of you some moments of peace, beauty, joy, and above all love that help to ease any aspect of life you are toiling at. Loving God, may we have peace, may we see the beauty around us, may we grow closer to you, and may we share love with all we meet, in Christ’s Name we pray. Amen! Blessings, Pastor Jeremiah _______________________________

There are two area Thanksgiving Worship Services this year that members of our congregation have been invited to. Calvary Lutheran Church along with Creston United Methodist Church will have a joint service at Calvary Lutheran Church, 19 Perry Rd, Lee, IL 60530, with a pie buffet to follow at 4:00 PM on Sunday November 20th . The Rochelle United Methodist Church and the Hub Cluster also invite us to a Thanksgiving Worship Service at 3:00 PM also on November 20th, at Rochelle UMC, 709 4th Ave, Rochelle, IL 61068, also with refreshments to follow. So if you’d like to worship with some of our siblings in Christ, take advantage of one of these.

Pastor Jeremiah Away Thanksgiving Week
I will be away from early afternoon, Sunday, November 20, through late in the evening, Friday November 25th . I am traveling with my beloved, Dr. Laura Heideman, to her parents in Ames, IA, to celebrate the holiday. While I am away my friend and colleague, Rev. Tammy Scott from the Sugar Grove UMC will be providing emergency (life and death situation) pastoral care. Her phone number is (630) 466-4501 or email her at:   I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.