Notes from the Pastor

  Rev. Dr. Noah Panlilio was appointed pastor of Malta and Northwest Malta Churches effective July 1, 2013. Pastor Noah grew up in Manila, the capital city of the Republic of the Philippines and started as a student pastor after graduating from the university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. He then continued on to seminary for a Master’s Degree in Divinity and Doctor of Ministry Degree. He has been a pastor in the United Methodist Church over 32 years serving in the city of Manila and Northwestern District of Chicago. Pastor Noah has one daughter, Reanna Grace.


                                                            Pastor Noah’s June Message


The Feast of Pentecost


The Festival we call Pentecost had origin as follows; When God was about to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt, God permitted them to celebrate the Feast of the Passover on the night of their departure, and commanded them on every annual recurrence of the season to observe the same feast in commemoration of their liberation from bondage and their departure from Egypt. Fifty day later in their journey through the wilderness, they arrived at Mt Sinai. There God gave them the Law, the Torah through Moses; and there they were commanded to observe annually in commemoration of that giving of the Law, the fiftieth day after the feast of the Passover. Hence the name Feast of the Pentecost, the word Pentecost came coming from the Greek word Pentecost meaning Fiftieth-day. When the Jews had properly commemorated the giving of the Law of God on Mt Sinai—the Holy Spirit came to the apostles and disciples in accordance with Christ’s promise, and gave them a new law. We now celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit to all who confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!


As we gather in the month of May in praise and worship, our focus is on the season of Pentecost.  Pentecost Sunday celebrates the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives for the building up of the body of Christ the Church. We celebrate how God has blessed us through the service of so many people working in so many ways “to fulfil our calling as the people of God, the body of Christ.”  Pentecost is the third major feast day of the Christian Year (the others being Easter and Christmas) and is always reckoned as the “Birthday” of the Church.  This is because it was on Pentecost that the Spirit was poured out upon all the believers – changing them from folk who hid in the upper room out of fear of the authorities to people who boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ “starting in Jerusalem, and going to the ends of the world”.


Friends, the Holy Spirit that was poured out to the apostles and disciples, in accordance with the prophecy granted to the Prophet Joel, is the living presence of God with us and it is the Spirit that does those things to build up the body of Christ the Church that we can’t do on our own.


Come Holy Spirit renew us, Come with your strength and your power,

Come in in your own special way!                                               


To God Be The Glory For Great Things God Has Done!

Yours because of Jesus,

  +Pastor Noah

Rev. Dr. Noah R. Panlilio