Notes from the Pastor

  Rev. Dr. Noah Panlilio was appointed pastor of Malta and Northwest Malta Churches effective July 1, 2013. Pastor Noah grew up in Manila, the capital city of the Republic of the Philippines and started as a student pastor after graduating from the university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. He then continued on to seminary for a Master’s Degree in Divinity and Doctor of Ministry Degree. He has been a pastor in the United Methodist Church over 32 years serving in the city of Manila and Northwestern District of Chicago. Pastor Noah has one daughter, Reanna Grace.

Pastor October 2017 Message

Pastor November 2017 Message

Every Thanksgiving Day many of us will join Thanksgiving celebrations with families and with church families. Long before such feasts and celebrations in the United States, the Bible witnesses to celebrations of thanks to God for deliverance and for bounteous harvests. The Psalmist in the 65th chapter offers such a thanksgiving for bounteous crops, but the Psalmist does not limit such thanksgiving to the yield of the region or a nation; the psalmist extends that thanksgiving to the whole earth. You may use this passage Psalm 65 as part of your prayer as you gather before a Thanksgiving meal together with family and friends. As you read it simply reflect on the psalm and consider actions that the psalm celebrates.

That God;

Answers prayers, forgives transgressions, answers with deliverance, makes the gateways shout for joy, enriches the earth, and crowns the year with bounty.

In response to God, the psalmist writes that the meadows clothe themselves, the valleys deck themselves, and together these shouts and sing for joy. These actions grow from God, whose first attributes in the psalm are to answers to prayers and forgive.

After reading Psalm 65, take time to answer these Thanksgiving Day questions.

*How did God answer my prayers this year?

*What seeds, physical or spiritual, have I planted in the earth or in the human soul?

*What growth have I seen from these seeds?

*Who has nurtured growth in me?

*How will I praise God today?

Friends, as Christians and as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, this Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving season should also be Thanks-living, a culture and a way of life.

Our two churches is holding a community Thanksgiving Eve Gathering at the Northwest United Methodist Church on Rich and McQueen Rd, at Northwest Malta. Let us gather to express our gratitude to Gods unfailing mercies and his magnanimous love for us the church.  I love to see you there.

A Blessed Thanksgiving and a fruitful Thanks-living to all!

+Pastor Noah

Rev. Dr. Noah R. Panlilio