Notes from the Pastor Jeremiah




I’ve always loved the Fall.  I love the beautiful leaves, I love (love, love) the cooler temperatures.  I love time around
a campfire with a warm drink (maybe cider or hot chocolate) or sitting in front of a fireplace with loved ones on a chilly evening.  I even love the shorter days at least to a point.  As I’ve pastored in small towns my entire career, and also taken to gardening after moving to Malta, the end of the growing season also brings a sense of wrap up, as we prepare for the winter months, and the world and the soil getting a well-earned rest.

For me at least, this is a cozy friendly season of warm treats, evening with loved ones, candy for kids dressed like superheroes.  I’ve been thinking much about, as a pastor, on how to connect with more people here in our village (and possibly the community college too).  I was particularly inspired by a recent workshop I went to on forming communities of faith around people’s interests.  I’ve thought and prayed much about that, as I’ve pondered how I and perhaps others in our church could connect with more people.  Perhaps around interests or learning opportunities.

So, I invite you to pray for our congregation that God might give us some ideas on how we can reach out to our community and meet and connect and form friendships with new people, and in so doing share love in Jesus’ Name.

Happy October,

Pastor Jeremiah